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For years I have tried and watched my friends and strangers try to discreetly change in public.  Whether it was after a swim, running race or triathlon, at camp or on a canoe trip, I would find myself or see someone doing the one legged hop, the towel shuffle, the alternative to hiding behind a treetrying to hide behind a tree, park bench or car changing out of one set of clothing into another.  There were even times that the chills, exhaustion and frustration with huge lineups for washrooms won over privacy.  Everything just came off in an effort to get warm and dry as quickly as possible. We would all just pretend that no one was looking at us and that everything was covered up. 

Now with the prevalence of cameras everywhere, the time for pretending is over.  Hey, does anyone really want to find themselves trending on social media while struggling to change from their wet sticky swimsuit or triathlon or running gear into something dry and cozy?

With lots of input from friends and family, GoFor Cover® clothing was created - portable privacy – you can now do all the activities you love outdoors and indoors and simply put on your favourite GoFor Cover® product and discreetly change without a changing strategy blip.

Say good-bye to the one legged hop, towel shuffle, crouching behind a tree, car door or park bench, waiting for an available cubicle, or whatever your changing strategy used to be.  Stay comfortable and covered while changing in and out of clothing anytime anywhere.  

Grab your favourite GoFor Cover® clothing and get active!